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We are wholesale only growers of container woody ornamentals, perennials, seasonal color, greenhouse plants and succulents. We are widely known as a highly innovative company with a heavy emphasis on new introductions and for developing our own unique, improved plant varieties. We do not sell directly to consumers at this time. Our current primary customers are retail nurseries, landscapers, other wholesale growers and regional and brokers.

For clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey or San Benito counties we are the closest large wholesale container nursery, just 50 minutes from downtown San Jose via Highway 101 and just 15 minutes past Gilroy via Exit 343 (San Juan Rd./G11). Both our facilities are just a couple of minutes from the town of Aromas.

Our nursery consists of about 50 acres of outdoor, greenhouse and shadehouse production on two very closely located properties in northern Monterey County. Our products are offered in sizes starting at four inch and quart containers and continuing through 7g. 

We currently have six sales representatives serving most of California, the Tahoe area. About the only regions we don't cover are the far northeastern Modoc Plateau around Alturas and the vast desert regions beyond Palm Springs. 

While many of our customers know us for our wide range of current-trend, new wave perennials, Mediterranean-climate plants from Australia, South Africa, California and the Mediterranean region itself, we also produce a very broad range of fern species, succulents, and other specialty or novel crops such as carnivorous plants and seasonal tropical color items for porch or patio.

We firmly believe in providing plants for the enjoyment and benefit of the gardener and plant lover, as well as providing for the professional landscaper. Gardening and growing plants is a lot of fun, and we strive always to bring you plants that are fun to grow and be proud of.

Monterey Bay Nursery, Inc. is a California C corporation, a subsidiary wholly owned and the operating entity of Morales and Miller, Inc., itself a separate California C corporation. Both are wholly owned by Luen Miller. This is our thirtieth year in business! We are known for a diverse inventory, high quality merchandise with great shelf life and post-planting performance, and fast, dependable service.

(Also, we are all very nice people, and we really, really like plants.)

We look forward to serving you!